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The photo, new form of conversation

The photo, new form of conversation: the point of view of Jacques Claude, President of the Gutenberg Networks Group.

There have never been so many images. Printed or digitized, real or virtual, exchanged and preserved, fixed or animated, they are everywhere. The incredible emergence of digital technologies has democratized the creation and dissemination, and has upset the world of shooting
Faced with this observation, there is a key question: what is a professional studio today, compared to the expectations of the market?
For us, it is first of all knowing how to associate a spirit of craftsman – the love of the beautiful image, the sense of the detail which makes the difference and catches the eye – and an industrial organization – to hunt the lost time, plan, rationalize everything that needs to be.
It is then to combine the traditional methods of shooting – styling, scenery, light – with digital techniques: 3D, matte painting, digital inlay, etc.
It is finally abolish the border between still image and animated image: photo and video converge, and between them all the intermediaries.
In short, everything we do everyday and that
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Jacques Claude