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CSR Committed Label

In 2019, Gutenberg became the first agency to receive the “Engaged in CSR” label at the Exemplary level!

Being rated at this level at the very first assessment is quite exceptional and is the result of a praised CSR policy driven for already 10 years towards our teams, clients, partners and suppliers. »

Sylvie Mouchon – CEO of the Gutenberg Group

The “Engaged CSR” label was developed from ISO 26 000 by AFNOR Certification. Through an audit of practices and indicators, a rating determines the level of maturity of the CSR approach in place. To know more about it… 

Our vision


From quality to Corporate Social Responsibility, Gutenberg has been committed for nearly 20 years to the responsible development of its activities.

At a time of major change in our humanity in the face of climate change, it is our responsibility to engage with our ecosystem to move forward and innovate together towards more sustainable production in order to contribute to the MDGs defined as common objectives by the United Nations in 2015. Since 2010, we have been supporting the principles of the Global Compact and are working to reduce our direct and indirect impacts on a daily basis to achieve these objectives.

Our approach

In practice, we implement an eco-socio-conception approach, going beyond the search to reduce the environmental footprint of production to include societal impacts in this analysis.

From the design stage, we provide you with indicators and solutions to limit the impact of your project as much as possible.

From the content of the message, to the choice of materials, to the anticipation of the end of use of your products (recyclability, collection, upcycling, etc.), we work to reduce the environmental footprint of production while seeking to create a positive societal impact.

Our teams and partners are committed to helping you and innovating on these subjects to meet everyone’s challenges.

Some indicators

Our acknowledgements & commitments