Gutenberg is a 100% subsidiary of the DDB Group, a subsidiary of the Omnicom Group

Point-of-sale communications

Promotional communications

A custom-made photo studio created by Gutenberg himself to meet the demands of a high-end retail heavyweight 24/7.

Let us take you on a guided tour in front of the flashing cameras.

The challenge

The brief is as simple as it is Dantean, the challenge being to create a three-part work that combines quality, process and visual effect in just 24 hours, all as part of a continuous annual production run.

A parade of solutions

The best solution would, of course, be to set up the studio in the middle of the Galeries Lafayette supplies store, which would naturally involve a complex but well-oiled image flow process to guarantee flawless results and the traceability of all models.

Well done !

The success of this collaboration will also allow us to support BHV – another of the brands belonging to the group.