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Point-of-sale communications

Promotional communications

When it comes to luxury, every last detail matters
and with this in mind, a brand’s DNA should be exactly the same all around the world.

What a stroke of luck – we’re great at that sort of thing!

The theme

Offering a single team of experts with the ability to respond to a wide range of representatives and ordering parties with demanding standards and ensure a certain standardisation when it comes to the creative process.


A dedicated team was dispatched to L’Oréal’s premises, whilst another part of the team stayed with us to liaise and ensure that the relevant processes were optimised as much as possible. The project also incorporated a CSR element involving the integration of a number of individuals who had been out of the job market for a period of time.

Excellent !

Mission accomplished! In addition to graphical consistency, centralisation, archiving and pooling of assets, there was also a 37% reduction in to-ing and fro-ing. A real luxury!