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Image-based communication

Point-of-sale communications

Promotional communications

Really bringing France’s favourite brand to life across each of its 450 sales outlets through daily initiatives would be quite a challenge, but a challenge that we overcame and are proud to talk about.

The order

Managing all of the Casino Group’s communications materials has allowed us to express ourselves both creatively and in terms of interpersonal relations by developing an extraordinary modus vivendi.

The recipe

The full delegation system allowed us to optimise all of the processes involved, including design, pre-press, photo, video, editing, print management and logistics, across all media – display, packaging, POS advertising, publishing and digital publishing.

Cherry on the cake

This sort of organisation meant that we were able to cut 4 weeks off the schedule, whilst our Make & Share solution allowed us to enter all prices into the catalogues on the day before the proofs were signed off so that they were an accurate reflection of the current market situation.